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    The Estate Jewelry Collection

    Posted on Wednesday, August 6th, 2014 at 7:14 pm by Linda

    There's a delightful glass case just inside the front doors at Griner Jewelry full of what can only be described as a jewelry historian's treasure chest. It is a collection of estate jewelry, with some antique estate jewelry dating over 100 years old.


    Estate jewelry is generally recognized as being finely crafted, high-end pieces, and set with quality gemstones. These pieces were made long before the days of mass production, so many of them are originals or exceptionally rare surviving pieces from a limited collection. As you can well imagine, each one has a history and our estate jewelry expert, Mr. Bradley Simpson, is the man that knows it. "I've always had an affinity for antiques, so dealing with estate jewelry is like second nature to me." says Bradley.

    The way that estate jewelry makes it's way into Griner Jewelry is often a story in itself. From tales that run the gamut of mysterious safety deposit boxes with contents that go unclaimed for years, to simple trades  and upgrades; it's as if the pieces themselves choose their next owners by way of Griner Jewelry. "Sometimes a piece will come into the store and be sold in a few days. Other times it may take a piece ten years for it's new owner to come and purchase it." says Bradley. "When I get a feel for the piece itself and then I get a feel for the customer, then I know we've made a match."

    Many brides with a flair for the unique choose an estate wedding set instead of a modern cut. They get great deal of satisfaction knowing that they have a piece that has had a life before them, and that they will in turn hand down to the next generation. Most estate jewelry sets have large mountings, which have a disctinct look that modern settings simply do not have.

    Perusing the estate jewelry collection at Griner Jewelry is a lot like an afternoon spent at a museum. It's a tour through the ages of jewelry making, with a great story telling adventure. Come by today to see this fascinating collection at Griner Jewelry Co.  30 1st Ave SE, Moultrie, GA.